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Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-9327
This set contains two units of the 800 (green) and 400 (blue) super flexible jam resistant sponges. These are the most useful grit for common tasks. They fold and adapt without breaking for very comfortable sanding. The color of the sponge identifies the grit size...
Brand: GSI Creos SKU: GSI-P130
Clear putty that cures under sunlight or UV light. We have adjusted the texture and adhesive strength for model use.We have designed the resin so that you can add water-based hobby colors to create colored UV putty.(Please use it after about 5 minutes after mixing. Do not add more than 5% of the..
Brand: Royal Models SKU: RM1008
The use of this product will allow you to give more realism and resonance to your models...
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Brand: Tamiya Models SKU: TM 74102
Compared to standard tweezers, the operation mechanism for these tweezers is reversed: squeeze the handle to open and release to close. As such, these tweezers can be easily wielded while they are holding objects, thereby greatly reducing hand fatigue. The angled tip also enables access to tight spa..
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