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Brand: KA Models SKU: KS-00007
This set includes:8 Sheets of Photo-Etched Parts 2 Resin Parts 63 Aluminium Metal Parts 28 White Metal Parts 1 Sheet of Metal Sticker..
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Brand: KA Models SKU: KE-12001
This set includes:8 Photo Etched Part 63 Aluminum Metal Parts *White Metal Parts in the illustrations are NOT included in this package...
US$130.72 17 % OFF
Brand: KA Models SKU: KM-40006
This product is natural cowhide.There may be stretching or deformation depending on moisture.Because it is natural leather, the surface may be uneven or scratches.Thickness of leather is 0.34mm and there may be errors depending on the condition of leather...
US$18.35 19 % OFF
Brand: KA Models SKU: KE-24053
Content: - 1x Sheet of stainless steel photo etched part - 1x Metal Sticker - 1x Window mask..
US$21.76 18 % OFF
Brand: KA Models SKU: KP-03501A
Note: This set does ONLY include figure kits. (Type: model figures) This is a plastic injection model kit, which comes pre-painted...
US$20.40 18 % OFF
Brand: KA Models SKU: KP-03502A
(Type: model figures) This is a plastic model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required...
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Brand: KA Models SKU: KA-24010
Stainless Steel Photo Etched Part..
US$12.22 21 % OFF
Brand: KA Models SKU: KE-24047
* 3 x Stainless stell photo etched parts (1 x 0.15t / 1 x 0.1t / 1 x 0.5t)* Small sized metal sticker* 2 x White metal parts* 8 resin parts* 1 Brass wire* 2 Vinyl hose..
US$32.65 18 % OFF
Brand: KA Models SKU: KA-24008
1 fret of stainless steel photo etched sheet (soft type - easy to bend)..
US$10.86 20 % OFF
Brand: KA Models SKU: KA-24004
This set includes:1 Photo Etched Part Stainless Steel 0.15T : 100mm X 44mm..
US$12.90 18 % OFF
Brand: KA Models SKU: KD-24016
Silk Printed Water-Slide DecalsHow to apply water-slide decals:1. Preparation: to achieve better result, a gloss or semi-gloss coat is very important. It will make a smooth layer which the decals will suction to and make it much easier to apply and set them.2. Cut out the decal you need (do it on cu..
US$12.22 21 % OFF
Brand: KA Models SKU: KC-24010
Includes 30 Aluminum metal parts..
US$20.40 18 % OFF
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