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Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1039
Tyre, wheel and back pack (pro/street) RearOverall Width: 19mmTread width: 14.2mmDiameter: 31mmFrontOverall Width: 9mmTread width: 8.6mmDiameter: 25.6mm..
Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1087
Tyre x 4 (prostreet) Rear Overall height: 34mm Wheel opening: 15.4-16.8mmdifferent on each side Width: 21.4mmWall height: 8-9mm.Front Overall height: 26mmWheel opening: 15.2mmWidth: 7.5mmWall height: 5mm..
Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1070
Tyre x 4 (Hot rod white wall)#1070 inner diameter is 17.4mmThe wheel backs to fit these tyres are No.1116 and the steelies to fit are No.1111.There is a story behind these tyres.... Started out as.....Rears: 41 Lincoln Monogram (made the centre diameter smaller and then mastered a white wall to fit ..
Brand: Model Factory Hiro SKU: MFH-P1048
It is the slick type of tyres introduced into F1 in the 1980s. These tyres are made of urethane rubber. This pack includes 2x front tyres and 2x rear tyres. Mold of notes and manufacturer's logo on the side surfaces are realistic.* Note: This item only includes tyres but not any wheel rims which are..
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Brand: Hobby Design SKU: HD03-0511
Kit Includes: - 2x Resin Front Wheels - 2x Resin Rear Wheels - 4x Metal Valve Stems - This wheels was built base all 1/24 plastic car model..
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Brand: T2M (Tuner Model Manufactory) SKU: T2M-7002-D
- Set of wheels spokes- Includes: 5 black spokes (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), 5 metal axles..
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Brand: T2M (Tuner Model Manufactory) SKU: T2M-7004-C
Including 5 black spokes (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), 5 metal axles..
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Brand: T2M (Tuner Model Manufactory) SKU: T2M-7004-B
Including 4 metals rims, 4 black spokes (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), 4 axles, 20 wheel lug nuts, 80 rivets for rims, 1 film-backed etched sheet, 1 decals sheet for centre cap..
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