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Items displayed as "in stock" on the site are ALL really in our stock and ALL READY to ship. This status is automatically updated in real-time. So please be assured that all the in-stock items will be definitely despatched within 24 hours after they are purchased and paid.

You don't have to. You can check out as a Guest by only filling your name and address details. However, we would recommend you to create an account with us because it allows you to track your order status, save your shopping cart and wish list, and also earn and redeem BNA Reward Points on every purchase. Please be assured that we do NOT save any customer's card details at our end. 

As an account holder at, every dollar (in AUD) you spend will earn you 1 BNA Point excluding shipping costs and discounts. BNA Points are bonus and reward points that give you more savings on items. At checkout, you can redeem the points you have earned for discounts. 

100 BNA Points is equal to AUD $3.

When you place an order, the BNA Points earned from this order are in pending status until the order is processed and shipped, and from that point of time, you will be able to use and redeem them on a new order. You can see your point details on My Account page.

For more information, please refer to our BNA Reward Points page.

Wish List is like your personal folder of all the favourite items. You can add any items to your wish list by clicking the button "Add to Wish List" on product listing or description pages. You can access your wish list page via the Wish List link on the top right of the page and My Account page. You can create multiple wish list folders and also set preferred quantity for each product in your lists. You are also able to share your wish lists with others via email.
NOTE: You are required to login before being able to use wish list.

A Pre-Order item is a product that will be soon released by the manufacturer or has just been released but not yet got into our stock. We offer customers the option to place pre-order to secure the availability especially when the product is in limited supply, by either the manufacturer or us. By pre-ordering, you are also assured that the pre-order product will be supplied and shipped to you first before we announce the arrival and supply to other customers.

If you use Credit Card or PayPal payment method to check out, the payment will be charged or processed at the same time you complete the checkout and place the order, no matter if it is a normal order or an order containing pre-order items. If you use Bank Deposit/Transfer or Money Order to pay, you will not be required to make a payment until your order is ready for shipping. We will notify you at that time.

Price and Shipping
We guarantee that you get the best price when you pre-order. Usually products will remain at the same price but from time to time, their prices can be raised when they become in stock due to some unforeseen reasons, but those pre-orders that already contains such products will not be affected. However, shipping cost might have to be adjusted occasionally if the real delivery charge is much higher than the original cost on preorder. We will notify you prior to the dispatch in such cases.

If your order contains both pre-orders and in-stock items, it will be held by default until all items become available and ready for shipping. If you would like the in-stock items to be shipped first, we recommend you to place orders separately. If you only decide this after you have already placed the order, please feel free to contact our support to split the order for you. However, please note there may incur an additional shipping cost in this case.

We provide an In-Stock-Notification function on our website, which means you can subscribe to a notification for a product that is not currently in stock. It can be temporarily sold out or on pre-order status. It is not necessary to have an account to subscribe yourself. Once this item becomes available, our system will notify you immediately.

Tip: Your subscription can help us decide how quick and how many to order in so that it can often ensure that it gets in stock asap and also there will be enough quantity available for your purchase.

Those products with the "Future Release" badge are usually not available in the market yet or have just been released by the manufacturer but we have not received the full info or had an exact expecting date yet. They are often very new and may well be open for pre-order and/or be stocked in the near future. Please feel free to subscribe for a in-stock-notification if you are interested in any of them.

Those products with the "Discontinue" badge are normally out of production by the manufacturer or no longer available from the supplier either temporarily or permanently. In some cases, they may be in stock again if the manufacturer reproduces them. You are free to subscribe for an in-stock notification but we won't suggest you count on it because most probably, a continued product will not become available any more.

Payment and Shipping

For Australian and New Zealand buyers, payment can be made via:
Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express);
Bank Deposit / Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT);

Personal Cheque;
Money Order

For buyers from other parts of the world, payment methods are:
Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express);
Bank Transfer may be available on request

Yes, we combine shipping cost as much as we can and the estimated shipping cost on our website is 99% correct and reflects the best shipping rates we can do. However, our system may return a cheaper shipping cost than required for an oversized item which cannot be handled by ordinary shipping methods and in such cases which are actually very rare, we may have to contact you about an extra postage to pay.

We dispatch ALL in-stock items within 24 hours once the payment is received except for Australian public holidays.
For preorders, the items will be dispatched soon as they come in stock.

Delivery time for each order depends on where you live and what shipping service you choose. By clicking the button "Estimate Shipping" on the Shopping Cart page, or when you are checking out, you will be provided not only the postage but also the estimated delivery time to your address or a specific location you choose. Usually it takes longer time for larger parcel to arrive.

For more details, please refer to our Delivery Information page.

We offer 30-day money back guarantee. For more detailed information, please check Our Returns page.

Security & Privacy

Yes, absolutely! We protect the security of all sensitive information transmitted to us with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. During payment processing and also within other secure areas of our website this secure layer encrypts the information you provide to us such as passwords and credit card details. Furthermore, not any of your card details including card number, expiry date and security code are stored at our end.

No, never as we respect your privacy and are appreciative of your business and the trust you have placed in us to provide our services. At no stage (other than to complete a delivery) will we provide any account, email, contact or other personal information to third party vendors, associates or service providers.